7 Surprising Advantages of Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Your initial thoughts while considering travel insurance may be COVID protection or flight cancellation insurance. But there is a lot more to travel insurance. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of travel insurance.

What Is a Benefit of Travel Insurance?

A payment or service offered as part of an insurance plan is referred to as a benefit in the broad meaning.

Travel insurance coverage might cover things like trip cancellation, lost luggage, and medical costs. Travel help services are an example of non-insurance advantages you could get with a travel insurance plan.

What Are the Benefits of Travel Insurance?

Advantages of Travel Insurance

Each travel insurance plan’s documentation includes a list of benefits. A list of the covered causes for the benefits is also provided. Consider those to be the circumstances that qualify you for that advantage.

For example, if you purchase the Seven Corners RoundTrip, one of the covered causes for trip cancellation is the death of a family member. If the loss of a family member compels you to cancel your trip, you may be eligible for reimbursement for paid-for, nonrefundable portions of your trip. This is because the Trip Cancellation benefit was activated due to a covered reason.

You would not get compensated, though, if you postponed your trip in order to attend a friend’s wedding. In this case, the cancellation was not caused by a reason that was covered by the policy—getting a better offer.

submitting a claim for travel insurance

Licensed advisors will examine each piece of material related to your case if you submit a travel insurance claim. The justifications for filing a claim are included in this.

The advisor will consider your reasons for canceling your vacation, as in the previous scenario. In order for you to be eligible for a benefit, they will determine if your claim satisfies the covered reasons or comes under an exclusion. Consequently, they can decide whether or not the claim can be granted and paid.

Reading the plan’s documentation

Advantages of Travel Insurance

One of the best things you can do before traveling is to take the time to read and comprehend your plan sheet. When a traveler’s claim is rejected, it’s frequently because the exclusions weren’t clear to them or because their predicament wasn’t brought on by a covered reason.

When reading a plan paper, there is a lot to consider. The following advice can help:

  • Take advantage of the free trial period. Many plans have a time window within which you can evaluate your plan and get a refund if it does not meet your requirements. The travel insurance provider’s website should provide information regarding the duration and availability of the free look time (this varies by plan, and certain states do not allow this option). If you can’t find it, contact an agent.
  • Look up the definitions of the terms that are important. When employed in the insurance industry, “common sense” concepts may indicate something different than what you might expect. Sometimes a word or phrase may be utterly unfamiliar to you. You can refer to a site like this tutorial on how to interpret a travel insurance plan or consult the meanings list in your plan paperwork.
  • Speak with a knowledgeable travel insurance agent. Whether it’s your first or fiftyth purchase of travel insurance, consulting with an expert on the nuances of the plan documentation might be advantageous. If you have any questions, contact the supplier via phone.

What is covered by travel insurance?

Advantages of Travel Insurance

Depending on the plan you select, there are various more benefits in addition to those that the majority of people are aware of, such Trip Cancellation. These unanticipated advantages of travel insurance are also advantageous, giving you financial security and peace of mind while you’re on the road.

1. Medical expenses for injuries and illnesses

If you are injured or become ill and need to see a doctor, this benefit will cover the cost. The financial expense of seeking medical care overseas may surprise you. If you have this coverage, you may be paid for care received at a facility abroad.

Exclusions may apply to compensation, just as they do to Trip Cancellation and other perks. For example, this benefit normally does not cover preventive care. Before you go, make sure you understand all of the terminology in your plan document.

Find a physician.

Being ill while traveling is bad enough, but not knowing where to seek medical attention is far worse. You can locate a nearby medical center with the aid of Seven Corners. In the event that a language barrier prevents you from understanding medical personnel, we can also set up translation services.

3. Medical transport

It can be disconcerting to consider becoming stranded abroad without access to competent healthcare. The Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit may cover the cost of transportation to send you to a location that can offer the essential medical care if you become ill or harmed while traveling and your destination is unable to do so.

Your medical evacuation will be organized by the Seven Corners Assist team, who will schedule transportation and coordinate your care with various medical teams.

4. Refuse for business reasons

We all have duties, and among the most significant are those that are work-related. If you have to cancel your vacation due to a layoff or an involuntary transfer by your employer, your cancellation may be covered.

It’s important to realize that specific conditions in your plan agreement must be satisfied in order for you to be covered by this benefit, such as the length of your employment and the distance of your transfer, but we recognize that these life events can have a big impact on your ability or desire to travel.

5. Optional Cancel at Any Time

There are some things you can predict or at least prepare for, like snowy weather in December. other things that you never anticipate. Unfortunately, you won’t receive a refund if you need to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen circumstance and that circumstance isn’t a covered cause.

If this worries you or if you want the freedom to postpone your trip for circumstances that aren’t covered by your plan agreement, you might want to consider purchasing optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage. You can use this tool to change your mind about traveling or decide to go to a friend’s wedding in place of your trip for whatever reason.

If you decide against the CFAR benefit, your coverage is limited to the reasons the plan mentions. If you choose to add this benefit, you will be reimbursed for 75% of your paid, nonrefundable travel expenses if you need to cancel to attend the graduation of your uncle’s hairdresser’s daughter.

Advantages of Travel Insurance

6. Protection broadening

Some of our plans let you to extend your coverage if unforeseen occurrences cause you to delay your return.

If you must remain in quarantine due to COVID on your vacation and are unable to return home on time, our RoundTrip plans provide coverage extension. This extension is good for the period of your COVID quarantine plus five days, or until you return to your destination, whichever comes first.

7. Constant customer service

Advantages of Travel Insurance

We’ve already mentioned that our Assist staff is accessible around-the-clock, seven days a week, to help you contact a doctor or make arrangements for emergency medical evacuations. You can get in touch with us by phone, email, text message, or live chat through our website.

Additionally, our customer support team is always happy to help if you have any questions about your perks before, during, or after your trip.

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