How to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida? Understanding the Requirements and Benefits

Many motorcycle riders, especially novice ones, are concerned about finding the most economical motorcycle insurance rates. However, there are various ways to cut your insurance costs without sacrificing crucial components of your policy.

Harley-Davidson® Insurance Services offers a number of savings to riders of all types.

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There are a few simple ways for any rider to save on motorcycle insurance coverage through Harley-Davidson® Insurance, regardless of the motorbike you ride or the level of coverage you require.

Here are 7 ways to save on motorcycle insurance.

1. Sale of new bicycles

Whether you decide to trade in your old bike for a brand-new, high-end model, whether it’s a touring bike, sports bike, or cruiser, you’ll save money with our new vehicle discount.

Even though it is a more expensive bike, the cost can be compensated by cheaper insurance.

2. Motorcycle endorsement discount

How to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance

You may be eligible for an additional discount if you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license gained by successfully completing an approved riding course and showing that certification on your driver’s license.

To be recognized by the state and qualify for the discount, you may need to certify the class completion on your driver’s license, depending on where you live.

3. Amount Offered for Ownership

A home ownership discount on your bike insurance may be available if you own a house, condo, townhouse, mobile home, or modular home.

4. Discount for early payment

How to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance

If you pay all of your bills on time, you might have just learned a quick trick to get better deals when it’s time to renew your insurance.

5. Full payment discount

Even if you’ve exhausted all of your money, moving to an annual payment schedule rather than a monthly payment schedule is frequently another method to find the best costs for your coverage.
If you are unable to pay the entire price up front, select the automatic payment option to reduce the average monthly cost.

6. No-Claim Renewal Discount

How to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance

If you were not at fault for any occurrences and had no Comprehensive claims paid by the company for $500 or more during the last policy period, we will provide you a discount when you renew your motorcycle policy.

We believe that the price of motorcycle insurance should reflect your cautious planning and diligent riding since we want all motorcyclists to be safe.

7. Anti-Theft Discount

You don’t want your bike to be stolen. We don’t either.
Get a discount if you use a theft-deterrent device. Simply ask your insurance professional which devices are qualified for a discount.
Theft deterrents save you money on replacement costs, and your motorcycle insurance carrier may give you a discount for them. In some cases, this discount is only available if your insurance policy has Comprehensive coverage.

If you ride one of the models that is regularly stolen, you could save even more money by switching to a different motorcycle.

8. Discount for Rider Associations or Groups

Are you a part of any motorbike organizations or clubs? Do you currently serve in the military or are you a veteran?
During the quote process, find out which rider groups are included in the list. If the organization is on the list, whether it be a club for a particular riding style, a state-specific club, or a certain motorcycle model, you’ll save money when you use us.

Membership in the Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®) falls under this category.

Select the Coverage Options That Suit Your Riding Style

How to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance

Choosing the appropriate types of coverages for your riding is one of the best methods to obtain an affordable package. Some riders, for example, require comprehensive, year-round coverage that goes above and above the minimum state-required coverages.

Insurance is about risk tolerance and determining what is best for your needs in order to keep you and your passengers safe. Some riders require additional coverage alternatives, while others do not.

With the right policy coverages, you can be protected from property damage, bodily injury, trip interruption (nothing worse than an accident ruining a long journey! ), uninsured drivers, stolen personal property like riding gear, rental reimbursements, and more.

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